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What Motivates Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are becoming an increasingly integral part of today’s workforce. However, they are motivated differently than past generations and are more likely to leave a position if compelled to. As a result, businesses need to change their hiring and talent management strategies if they want to attract and retain top Millennial talent. In this whitepaper, you will learn what motivates Millennials and what techniques can be used to get the most out of Millennial employees.

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The Patagonia Staffing Model: Can it Work for Your Firm

Patagonia, a clothing and outdoor equipment company founded in 1973, has developed a powerful reputation as an environmentally conscious and financially profitable retailer with a focused staffing philosophy. Even as similar retail firms have been battered by recession and financial uncertainty, Patagonia’s profit margins have stayed relatively steady. And while annual employee turnover in the retail sector averages at about 43 percent, and in many cases exceeds 100 percent on a regular basis, Patagonia has kept turnover hovering near 25 percent for several years running.

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Using Social Media for Recruitment

Social media platforms have made strong inroads into the world of business and commerce, and have become important recruitment and hiring tools for HR professionals across a wide range of industries. But indiscriminate use of social media and improper deployment of social media resources can be detrimental to productivity and can expose a company to reputation problems, loss of capital, and legal action.

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360 Degree Performance Reviews and Employee Productivity

This white paper offers an overview of the 360 review process and its potential impact on productivity in the 2012 workplace. The sections below discuss the nature of the 360 review, the strengths and weaknesses of the 360 review as an employee assessment model, and the strengths and weaknesses of the 360 review as a development tool.

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