Writing Job Descriptions? Make Sure to Keep Them Honest

Writing Job Descriptions? Make Sure to Keep Them Honest

When you are writing job descriptions and interviewing applicants, it can be easy to tell a “white lie” or two. For example, is there really any harm in saying that eight-hour workdays when in reality expect them to work closer to nine? Actually, yes. Such statements, white lies or not, make many new employees feel like they cannot trust you. As a result, these doctored job descriptions decrease employee satisfaction and can negatively impact retention. On top of this, poor or dishonest job descriptions can hurt you in another way: they can make it harder to find quality applicants.

In this age of social media, review sites, and blogging, a lack of transparency with your job descriptions can sabotage your efforts to find quality applicants. This post will take a look at the importance of honest job descriptions in a digital age.

Employer and Company Review Sites Are Changing the Game

Job candidates these days have more tools than ever to research companies, and it has become easier for them to identify dishonest job descriptions. Websites such as Glassdoor and Kununu aim to level the playing field and encourage employees to leave reviews of their companies. They provide a practical reason for writing job descriptions that are truthful. For instance, if you write in a job description that travel is only occasional, one weekend every few months, and the truth is that you expect two weekends of travel a month, job candidates can potentially find that out on review sites. If they see that your company has a clear pattern of bending the truth, they may decide not to apply. As a result, you may see:

  • A pool of less-qualified applicants
  • A pool of really desperate applicants
  • Applicants who do not care if you lie (are they who you really want?).
  • Higher employee turnover, leading to more costs
  • More bad reviews on Glassdoor, Kununu and the other sites

Take Legitimate Bad Reviews to Heart

It is often helpful to go on these websites and see what employees, current and former, say about your company. Use that feedback to identify and correct legitimate weaknesses. You may not be able to get these reviews removed, but many job candidates will think highly of you if you forthrightly address the steps you have taken.