Finding a Great Temp

Why You Should Care About Finding a Great Temp

Finding a Great TempIf you run a business or work in human resources, challenges pop up every day. When someone leaves unexpectedly or becomes sick and you call in a temp, it’s easy to fall into the mentality of, “We just need a warm body who can do the basics.” However, such thinking does everyone in the organization a disservice. Finding a great temp does not necessarily mean a drain on your time – you get better value and a possible future employee.

More value with a better temp
Bringing in a “warm body” means taking a chance on a person who may be unqualified and unskilled for the job. It means taking the time to train someone and diverting time and resources from other employees who need to be focusing on more important projects. While all temps do need to become familiar with a business and its processes, you save tremendous time, effort and money by bringing in a qualified temp right from the start.

Temps are potential full-time employees
One reason internships are popular and successful is because they are a great way for companies to find future employees. Temps, like interns, make great potential full-time employees because they are already familiar with a company’s processes and culture. They already know the people in the business from spending days or weeks there. When you hire a temp, you save the expense of onboarding yet another person. Increase your chances of success by working with a qualified temp instead of someone you hope can do the bare minimum.

Working with an agency is easy and efficient
Finding a great temp need not require more time in your already crowded schedule. The best way to find such a temp is to go with an agency that focuses on finding the right person for you. These agencies have a wide pool of qualified candidates and they can find someone with the background and skills you need.

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