WHY Linkedin? PART TWO

Linkedin is a great place to focus your efforts and it is probably your #1 vehicle during a job search in today’s world – so spending a couple of days to make it an AMAZING ambassador for you is definitely a worthwhile investment. Although Linkedin was set up to encourage existing contacts to grow their networks one person at a time, it’s pretty obvious that the more connections one has, the more opportunities they have – especially during a job hunt. So consider joining an open networking group or two like TopLinked (

One opportunity to showcase your amazing knowledge base on LInkedin is through the Q&A platform. Each week, browse through questions in your area of expertise and answer, answer, answer. Then go in and post two or three questions focused on your realm of expertise. You don’t want to be obviously self-promotive here, but hey, it’s a chance to touch on some more advanced issues around your niche and garner a little extra attention. Be sure to use complete signature and contact information again, including website and email addresses.

Linkedin lets you ask 10 questions for free each month. Be sure to use all of them; they have GREAT searchability, and down the road, they will definitely show up on a Google search of your name. Finally, respond and thank everyone who answers your questions – and be sure to invite them to link up! Connections definitely equal OPPORTUNITIES in this place.

To your continued success,
Catherine Palmiere, CEIC, CPBA, CPCC, CPC, CTS,

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