WHY Linkedin? PART ONE

Linkedin is one of the most popular social networks on the Internet. It was started in 2003, and, has over 43 million users worldwide. It is also the number one resource for job searches in metropolitan areas – with an interior platform and application built especially for employers and recruiters. In brief, this is definitely where you want to be if you’re looking for a job. There are some amazing tips on how to build up your network, your connections and your exposure on Linkedin, and I’ll cover as many of them as possible, but the first thing you MUST have a complete and compelling profile.

To begin with, have a great headshot. No question, this is vital. Next, your profile should be concise and INFORMATIVE. Take the time to look over the platform and plan how to present and brand yourself as effectively as possible. Think outside the box! If you’ve published a book, for instance, even an ebook that you offered online, be sure to add “Author” under one of the “jobs” on all of your profile (and describe the book with a link to your store, if you have one).

You can begin to build profile from existing bio’s you may have — “about me” website pages — or even old resumes if you have nothing else. Double check that you reference and LINK to your website, products AND services, wherever possible, if you already have a web presence.
Take your time and create a GREAT profile. This is your opportunity to go through your past jobs and feature one or two paragraphs of your BEST accomplishments at each. Then, visit the recommendations page and send a note to old colleagues, clients or even vendors you worked with. Ask them for a recommendation. Like many places on the internet, Linkedin is ripe with opportunities for reciprocity, and one of the most effective ways to obtain these all important recommendations is actually to write one for your colleague or client first.

To your continued success,
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