self introduction

Top 3 Tips for Self Introduction in an Interview

First impressions matter. For example, a poorly executed self introduction in an interview may be too much for interviewers to get past, no matter what followed. To that end, keep three tips in mind to start your job interviews on the right foot.

1. Remember the Receptionist

Often, you have to sign in with a receptionist. Treat that person as professionally as you would the interviewer; introduce yourself, and explain why you are there. For example, something such as, “Hello, I’m Jane Smith. I have a 3:00 interview with Ms. Jackson,” is a good start. You must also remember to smile, to make eye contact and to project confidence. Not only do many interviewers later ask the receptionist how you behaved in the waiting room, introducing yourself to this person is great practice for the interviewer introduction.

2. Take Care of the Details

Your hands should be dry, not clammy. Your handshake should be firm. You should be on time (or early) for the interview. All of these details add up to give you credibility for self introduction in an interview. If you arrive late, your introduction may be breathless and full of rushed apologies.

3. Be Concise

Interviews frequently have two types of self introductions. The first is when you meet your interviewer(s) before the interview officially begins. The second is prompted by a question such as, “Tell me about yourself,” during the actual interview. Always prepare for the latter type of self introduction; it is among the most frequent interview questions. Keep your answer concise; list your most important attributes for the job opening. Areas to touch on could include hard and soft skills, experience and achievements. Depending on the situation, a bit of a personal touch such as mentioning you adore photography or hiking may foster a connection with the interviewer as well.

One key detail to remember for self introduction in an interview is that confidence goes a long way. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you know your hairstyle is awesome, and you have prepared properly, you will project enthusiasm that carries over into the introduction.