Tips for Making Your Business Processes More Temp Friendly


Many temps show up at new jobs and find that no one has prepared for them. What results is a lot of nonproductive, wasted time for both temps and regular employees. The good news is that your business can adopt some best practices to stay organized so that when temps come in, work keeps humming and everyone benefits. In fact, these steps help your business in general, whether or not temps enter the picture.

1. A straightforward, intuitive filing system, both digitally and with paper files.

Papers get reassigned, misplaced, duplicate files are started, and a hundred versions of a file in various formats live in scattered places on the cloud. Overhauling a filing system takes time, but it is worth the effort. A team of workers can clean up the digital and paper filing systems and develop best filing practices for employees and temps going forward.

2. Up-to-date, user-friendly software applications

If your company’s software is error prone and difficult to install, the experience can prove especially frustrating for temps who don’t have the time to learn the software’s quirks. A good rule of thumb for software is that a new user should need no more than 15 minutes of training or hands-on experience to operate it efficiently.

3. Labels in the office

It is aggravating for temps to have to ask every five minutes where the paper clips, staplers and other supplies are. Solution: labels. They should be colorful and clear. For example, “Office Supplies” may or may not work, depending on which supplies actually are in a drawer or closet. For generic labels such as “Office Supplies,” sub-labels such as “Staplers” in a closet or drawer are helpful.

The filing system overhaul should also include best practices for file labeling.

4. Straightforward, easy-to-understand workflow that lacks superfluous activities.

Rearrange your offices so that the workflow layout makes as much physical sense as possible. Cut out extraneous red tape (such as five approvals needed for office supply orders) when feasible.

Image Source : tiramisustudio