4 Advantages of Working with Staffing Agencies

As a job seeker who works with staffing agencies, you probably know much of what they can do for you. For example, agencies can match you with a diverse range (or a specialized range) of job opportunities. However, it is also helpful to know the situation from the other side of the business. Here is how a staffing agency helps a company find the right applicant for open positions:

1. Test Runs

Just as staffing agencies afford you the chance to test out a business before committing to it, the business gets that opportunity with applicants. Companies get to gauge cultural fit, performance, work habits and much more. If the fit is not good, the cost is minimal. For companies that need many openings filled, this aspect is especially useful and helps with overall hiring costs and employee morale.

2. Knowledge of Qualifications

Hiring managers and human resource departments can only do so much. On the other hand, staffing agencies specialize in finding certain types of workers who possess certain qualifications. For example, staffers are up to date on where to find IT workers or nurses. In addition, staffing agencies tend to know which workers are reliable, which are especially creative, which thrive in high-stress environments and so on. They can make an excellent match for company and worker.

3. Money

Hiring costs can be tremendous. Hiring managers often have to sift through hundreds of resumes and cover letters, contact applicants. This means they are forced to give up valuable working time for interviews and so on. Plus, there are costs for background checks, drug testing, and employee benefits. Staffing agencies eliminate or minimize many of those costs.

4. Efficiency

Benefits such as test runs and expertise in qualifications lead to more efficiency in hiring. This boosts a company’s bottom line and streamlines its operations.