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Should You be Publishing Your Salary Ranges When Hiring For a Position?

salary rangeThe following scenario is common enough: a company decides not to post salary ranges on a job ad because it wants to keep its options open. It hopes to be lucky enough to find that qualified someone who wants the job badly enough to settle for less than the position is worth. Don’t let this happen to your business. Not only is it unethical and sets a bad precedent, it keeps top talent away from your business. Millennials, for example, bring a wealth of talent and demand honesty and accountability.

First impressions count. In many cases, job postings are the initial encounter top talent has with your business. What could be more refreshing than to see the salary range clearly outlined? Being secretive about salary has gotten old overall and gives the impression that your company is less than transparent and ethical. It can also make top talent think your business is desperate to save a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. You do not want to risk talented individuals bypassing your ad because it does not post a salary range while other ads do.

Salary is important and should be given the respect it brings. Sure, for many people, their work is their passion and something they enjoy. But work is also a way for people to be able to afford to live. Salary is a critical component of any job, and it deserves to be treated as such—in an aboveboard, clear manner.

Salary ranges serve as a filter. They save your company and the job applicant time. Why waste energy going through applications and interviewing only to be derailed by salary talks falling through at the last point? Plus, do you truly want to hire a person who settles for a lowball figure?

Publishing salary ranges may have a trickle-down effect. Job applicants and employees feel more valued and respected by having more information at their fingertips. There is no guesswork. Applicants are in a better mindset when they start work, and they feel more at ease in the position. They feel like they can trust your business to be transparent.

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