Online Profiles – The Basics PART TWO

For those of you who hear social networking and wonder if there’s a vaccine for it, I have a few words of advice. Number one: There is a virtual world out there, and if you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn at least, you may be doing yourself (and mostly your career) a huge disservice.

If you are out of work for ANY reason, it’s important to get on the social networking circuit right away. It is a HUGE opportunity, it is very inexpensive and it works. At the very least, put up an amazing profile on one or two (or three) of the biggest players of the virtual game, and get the word out that you’re amazing and available. You’ll need to include a lot of information – more than just your basics – but be sure to include a bio, a picture and your contact information.

After you’re satisfied with your profiles – at least for now – block out two or three hours every single week to accept new “friends” and respond to people who discover (or rediscover) you. Make the time to take the tutorials for each community. Read some informative blogs. Learn the basics of how to build your network and send announcements to your own friends.

Whether you want to promote your career or perhaps a freelance or business venture, remember that the virtual world is virtually unbeatable, and it’s a great way to build relationships and create a few amazing opportunities.

To your continued success,
Catherine Palmiere, CEIC, CPBA, CPCC, CPC, CTS, CSS
Adam Personnel, Inc

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