Online Profiles – The Basics PART ONE

Like millions of Americans, if you read this blog, it’s likely that for one reason or another, you’re looking for your next career opportunity. First of all, don’t feel lost just because you’re searching! It’s vitally important that you not let being out of work define your worth, and it’s equally important that you embrace the realities (and op portunities) that exist today.

First of all, the process of finding a job is vastly different than it was even five years ago. A job search used to be a pretty simple process. It meant getting your resume updated, letting a few connections know you were out of work, and maybe visiting with a staffing agent. This would all lead to a series of interviews and, at the end of the road, a new job where you would probably spend several years of your life. It’s a much different world now, and as anyone who’s lost a job in the last year can attest to, it’s a tougher job market than ever before.

And on top of there being fewer openings, it also means that those that DO have jobs aren’t moving around. The days of switching jobs and employers to boost one’s income, or for career-building, are a distant memory for now. To make things even tougher, it seems as though entire industries are practically fading from sight. (Can you say mortgage broker and car salesman?) So what are our first steps if we’ve lost our job or our industry is disappearing before our very eyes? One of the MOST important things we can do is take advantage of the FREE resources that online portals provide us.

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