interview questions

Learn How to Answer These Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Having an interview script would be nice. For example, knowing the exact questions your interviewers plan to ask helps you prepare better for them. The good news is that many interview questions do pop up again and again, no matter the industry or job type. Here is a look at some of these frequently asked interview questions and how you can answer them.

1. “What do you know about us/the company?”

Use your answer to demonstrate how you care about the company; this is not the time to reel off facts or figures anyone could find on the company’s website. Suppose one of the company’s goals is to empower women. You could explain this aspect of the company and why it is so important. Use relevant terminology and your experience to help make your case.

2. “Why should we hire you?”

This question is really overwhelming for many people, and a starting point for your answer may seem elusive. Focus on three areas, though, and you should be fine. Cover compatibility, company culture and your ability in the answer.

3. “What are your professional weaknesses?”

This query may be the most common (and the most dreaded!) among frequently asked interview questions. Understanding the intent behind it should help you see how to frame your answer. The intent is not for the company to find a reason not to hire you, but rather for it to get insight into your level of self-awareness. Be open about moderate but genuine weaknesses, and explain how you are actively improving them.

4. “Why are you leaving your employer?”

Companies will ask why you are leaving your current job. They want to see that your answer is relatively positive and that you do not bad mouth. Instead of saying something like, “My boss is unreasonable and a micromanager,” you could say something like, “I would love an opportunity to have more hands-on experience in developing trade show displays.”