How Hiring Managers Search Through Your Social Media Pages

ID-10090133Social media is everywhere and everyone is using it, but necessarily for the same reasons. As a jobseeker, you’ve probably heard it: what you post on social media can hurt your job search. Hiring managers are turning to the Internet to research potential employees and many sources point to those profiles as offering up reasons not to hire candidates.

 What Hiring Managers are Looking For:

  • Your online portrayal. If they hire you, managers know that you’ll reflect on them, so the way you’re represented online is important. They’ll look for your own posts as well as images and posts that you’re tagged in.
  • Professional qualifications.  Although you’ve laid out your experience in your resume, employers look for recommendations, portfolios and credentials online. Public recommendations from those you’ve worked can be important.

Tips to Keep Your Social Media from Affecting Your Job Search

  • Know where your information is available.  Google yourself and see what others might find, in addition to the sites you remember signing up for and use frequently.
  • Avoid posting provocative photographs.  Sure, your vacation with your closest friends was fun, but if the partying got out of hand, avoid advertising that with images and social media posts. While you’re at it, you might want to limit the number of selfies you post. These things all go toward your online portrayal, which can reflect on your future employer later down the line.
  • Say nothing about past employers and coworkers. Badmouthing those you’ve worked with or worked for is one of the best ways to lose a potential job. Your attitude toward them and how you display it is something hiring managers seriously consider when vetting candidates.

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Image By : smarnad