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Sealing the Deal: 3 Hiring Process Steps to Follow

So you crafted a stellar resume and cover letter, and it got the attention of a recruiter. Or perhaps you garnered the attention another way such as giving a captivating speech at a conference. However, you did it, you are on a recruiter’s hook now, and with these three hiring process steps to follow, you can increase your chances of getting a job.

1. Have Faith in the Recruiter

Perhaps the most important step is to trust the recruiter; avoid questioning every move he or she makes, and listen to the advice dispensed. Advice may include developing a digital portfolio, taking training courses or fine-tuning your standard resume. It may lead to more work for you, but it is work with a purpose, not busywork. This will help your chances of landing the job you want increase.

The bottom line is that recruiters often know more than you do about clients and interested employers. Recruiters know companies’ and managers’ quirks and preferences, and the recruiters’ interview tips and advice are well worth your time.

2. Communicate

It is also critical to communicate with a recruiter, and this goes further than staying in touch. Be clear about your expectations, your achievements, and what you want in your next job. Ditto for what you seek in a compensation package. You likely will not negotiate it yourself, as recruiters take on that duty. Speaking of communication, do not reach out to the company you want to work for. The company has recruiters for a reason and will not look kindly upon applicants who disrespect the rules.

3. Stay in Touch

Staying in touch is important! There is no need for daily contact, but a quick email once a week to reiterate your interest in certain positions or certain companies is helpful. Ditto if you need to let recruiters know about salary increases, job changes, and the like.

With the above three hiring process steps to follow, you should be in good shape to have a good working relationship with your recruiter.