Dealing with a Bad Seed: Why You Need to Get Rid of Bad Employees Quickly

A bad attitude, poor performance or a poor fit with the company’s culture – if employees ID-10076018show any of these attributes, it can be dangerous to keep them in your company. A bad employee hurts your company by slowing production or affecting the quality of your product. The worst kind of bad employee causes problems for the people they work with, their managers and sometimes even customers.  If you’ve hired someone and have begun to see these attributes, it’s essential that you remove them from your company quickly.

Protect Your Company from Bad Seeds with These Steps

  • Vet potential hires carefully. At the interview stage, let a non-supervisory employee spend time with your prospective hire and ask different questions than you’ve asked. These questions should be designed to show the candidate’s personality.
  • When you see problems, bring them up quickly and be specific. In addition to having face-to-face meetings with less-than-ideal employees to discuss the problems, managers should put the issues in writing – specifically noting the problem and violations of company policies or standards, when it comes to dealing with customers. After the meeting, have employees sign a summary of the meeting and the suggested plan of action.
  • If you plan to fire an employee, don’t drag it out. First of all, have the discussion early in the week. When you fire them, walk your former employee out of the office immediately following your conversation. Have them meet you after hours to clean out their desk.

The easiest way to protect against bad employees is not to hire them on at all. By this, we mean that companies should engage the services of a temp-to-hireagency, which allows you to bring in a new employee, see how they fit with your organization and then easily dismiss them if they do not work out. For information on how such an agency can help, contact the professionals at ADAM Personnel today.

Image By :David Castillo Dominici