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How to Gain Experience with No Experience

How to gain experience when you cannot even get a job is frustrating. Even entry-level job ads may say something like, “3 years of experience required.” While the task might seem impossible, there are few tricks you can use. 1. Focus on Other Assets Odds are high that you have an excellent list of transferable […]

salary negotiation

Why Job Offer Salary Negotiation Is a Must

Salary discussions are a decidedly not fun part of the interview process for both interviewers and candidates. However, job offer salary negotiation is necessary before candidates accept job offers so that everyone involved is clear as to what is going on. For job candidates, it leads to cultural compatibility, less resentment and many other benefits. […]

5 Tips for Nailing a Phone Interview

5 Tips for Nailing a Phone Interview

If your business or recruiting agency is like many others, you probably use phone interviews as a way to connect with job applicants and whittle down the number of people asked for in-person interviews. To better help applicants understand what your company expects of them during a phone interview, it could be useful to offer […]