8 Things You Should Absolutely Not Wear During a Job Interview

ID-100106562You want to make the best impression possible when you interview for a new job. You do your research, you practice your interviews. But are you seriously considering what your outfit says about you? While every interview is a different situation and there are exceptions to the “what to wear rules,” there are typically several items that you should almost always avoid wearing to a job interview.

Do Not Wear These Items:

  1. Sunglasses or Headphones.  These items make you look very unprofessional and could make the interviewer think you’re not going to be serious about the job.
  2. Flip Flops. Unless you are interviewing for a job at a pool or on the beach, wearing flip flops to an interview tells the hiring manager or interviewer that you have disregarded the company’s culture and might make them think you won’t play by the rules.
  3. Extremely short skirts. Short skirts belong in social situations. A skirt should be just above the knee for a job interview and should cover your thighs when you sit.
  4. Perfume or strong aftershave. Many people can have reactions to strong perfumes and aftershave. It’s best to forgo the scented body products so that your interviewer and others around you remain comfortable.
  5. Excessive jewelry.  Chunky jewelry in bright hues or even in sedated tones can distract both you and your interviewer, especially if you fidget with it when your nerves kick in.
  6. Sweatshirts or hoodies.These are comfortable, we know, but they don’t project the right image and don’t usually fit a company’s dress code.
  7. Outfits that reveal your skin or undergarments. In a business setting, it’s not appropriate to show skin or undergarments, even if your undergarments match your shirt, or even your pants.
  8. A backpack or fanny pack. If you have documents to carry into a job interview, use a briefcase, or carry them in a nice folder or portfolio.

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Image by : stockimages