5 Things That You Need to Do When Rehearsing for an Interview

ID-100160372 (1)Interviews can be nervewracking. You have to open up to people you don’t know, to sell yourself and make them want you in their company instead of someone else. That’s a lot of pressure. The key to relieving that pressure is to rehearse, to improve your comfort level and your confidence.

Do These Things When Rehearsing For Your Next Interview

  1.        Find someone to rehearse with you. The first step is to find an interviewer.  Choose someone that you trust but who you know will push you outside your comfort zone and provide constructive criticism if needed.
  2.        Learn about the company ahead of time. Human resource managers and executives look for someone who knows about their company. Let your mock interviewer (or interviewers) in on what you’ve learned and be prepared for them to use the information.
  3.        Take note of what works in interviews. If you have time, watch television interviews and take note of traits that confident interviewees have. Or better yet, record your own practice interviews and watch them to get better insight into how you perform.
  4.        Find out what works.Try different answers to questions with our mock interviewer to see which ones work best. You may have a joke that you want to use or story you think reflects well on you, but find that it isn’t appropriate after using it in you practice interview.
  5.        Participate in multiple mock interviews if needed. Conduct as many practice interviews as you need to be confident. The idea is to be relaxed and calm, ready for your interview when the day comes.

If you think that working with someone you don’t know will help to increase your comfort level and confidence, or you want other tips to prepare for an interview, consider contacting a staffing agency. Companies like ADAM Personnel have a variety of resources to help you prepare for your interview.

Image By :  Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee