About Us

Expertise at Work
Adam Personnel is a professional recruitment firm.
With more than 35 years’ collective experience, our team helps employers recruit and retain just the right candidates for their  Direct Hire needs. We also work tirelessly to make the perfect match between job seekers and employers. So whether you’re seeking a candidate or a position, you can benefit from our expertise at work.

Seasoned Professionals Lead by an Expert
Our recruitment team, headed by Catherine Palmiere, is made up of trained and experienced professionals who provide clients with individual and creative solutions to their recruiting needs. We put our intimate understanding of a variety of businesses and industries to work for you. At the same time, we cultivate relationships with the best talent in the area, identifying the top individuals on an on-going basis so we’re ready whenever you want to hire.

We believe each company’s needs are unique, so we’ll collaborate with hiring managers to ensure we have a full grasp of their corporate culture, their criteria for the right fit and any special skills or expertise required of the candidates.

A Commitment to Innovation
We are always working to expand our service offerings and stay at least one step ahead of our competitors. That is why Adam Personnel has successfully placed thousands of candidates with hundreds of clients in the New York area. From administrative positions to executive level, Adam Personnel fills the right position with the right person.